Neuro Creations is professionally organized to deliver your needs in music production and event management with the aim of boosting the Sri Lankan music industry to the next level by achieving international standards in music production, whilst giving the opportunity to the young and rising generation in our society.
Neuro Creations was founded by Tharaka Deemantha, and Sheque Azeem as his founding partner. The Inaugural event was titled “Trance Mee”, an international music event organized by “Clubbing Creatures Entertainment”, India and it was brought down to Sri Lanka by Neuro Creations in 2018. Trance Mee, together with Neuro Creations brought the grand phenomenon of Electronic Dance Music, where many international and local DJs performed and bought an unforgettable experience. The show was organized remembering AVICII and was held on the 29th of September 2018, at the Trace Expert City Colombo.

Neuro Creations features a DJ duo titled “Neurons”. Neurons, Tharaka Deemantha and Sheque Azeem are two EDM enthusiasts, who have a passion for exploring the endless possibilities of Electronic Dance Music who spend most of their time experimenting with the Rave. Starting as youngsters they are trying to do their very best to explore the passion of the endless music.

Additionally, Shevon Fonseka also known by his DJ alias, “Shylow” who has excelled in his production skills in Netherlands, recently joined Neuro Creations to form the DJ trio “Neurons B2B Shylow”. He is also the International artist manager of Neuro Creations. Matheesha Pallyaguruge acts as the manager and secretary for Neuro Creations and Sahan Pabasara, Faizal Rasheed and Pasindu Madhuranga are official members involved in marketing and other media activities.

Neurons have taken part in various mainstream events. Starting from Trance Mee and Neverland, they have performed in Crossroads 19’ (Event by the Interact Club of St. Peter’s College), Jingles 19’ (Event by the Rotaract Club of CFPS Law School) and Night Crawlers (Event by the ICBT Campus). “X-ITMENT-19”, organized by the Informatics Institute of Technology was also a grand success for Neuro Creations.

“My dream is to give Sri Lanka an International musical experience to that of Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Festival”, states Tharaka, the founder of Neuro Creations and he dreams of taking the Sri Lankan flag to International stages one day.

As stepping stones to achieve that dream, Neuro Creations created an international level EDM music event platform titled “Neverland – The land where music never stops”. The event took place in the latter part of 2019 and attracted more than 3000 EDM fanatics featuring ranked International DJane – D Joly and other home-grown DJs who had stepped up to the international arena. In the future, Neuro Creations investigates ways of developing the Neverland concept to provide Sri Lanka a global level EDM event experience, whilst providing young talents of Sri Lanka a platform to showcase their unique music skill, enabling them to rise above their fears and barriers.

Even though it began just two years ago, Neuro Creations is already supported by many international artists including D-Joly, a ranked D-Jane in the top 100 Asian D-Jane magazine. Furthermore, various production bands and organizations such as Interact and Rotaract clubs, Motor vehicle clubs and more are joining hands with Neuro Creations in order to create and develop new opportunities to the society.

We at Neuro Creations, are always dedicated and passionate towards the music industry and by doing so we aim to cater to the society and the country we live in as productive citizens.