We started 2 years back,

We actually met at a festival, n realized have the taste in music, so we just got know each other, n we collab without known what happen, that first collab kinda turn out come to a recognition from some artists, n called out to a concert.

We were so nervous about the crowd response, bt it turn out to be a perfect combo.

We re all thinking about the crowd when we re playin, we trying connect each other and connect with the crowd at the same time. And we re thinking about each n every show in a unique way, each show should be different from each other,

 we re lucky to have a amazing support fan base from across the island. We re so thankful for each and every one of them for the massive support.

A brand new release would be out soon with, which would present in sinhala. We re so glad to announce that we re working On some brand new songs with the collaboration with some major artists


The project anthem is quiet old the melody is written somewhere around 2017 and there s 2 version. And we found this trumpet kinda sound on spire n we tried dat out and worked perfectly, so after wise we add some synthesizers n make is more unique

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